Novel Things

Cate dabbled in writing, before deciding a few years ago to buckle down and get serious about her craft. Her very first novel will never see the light of day. It had a beginning, a saggy middle and The End. It was a learning process from start to finish, like the training wheels on a bicycle.

With the training wheels off, Cate currently has one novel ready for submission and two more in the works. Check back for more on these and other works in progress or check out the Cate Chronicles blog.

The WIPs

Young Adult

The Ghost Collector is a contemporary Hoarders meets Ghost Whisperer.

Middle Grade

The All That Magik books are set in a Roaring 20s world where the gossip is hot, the jazz is cool, and magic is the bees knees of the bootleg market.

Book 1: Rose’s story is Oliver Twist in the age of Gatsby

Book 2: Fiona’s story is Sleeping Beauty with a twist in the 1920s